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Andrea Pitsch Conservation provides a series of consulting services designed to assist our clients with specific aspects of buying and owning works on paper.

Paper conservator condition reports
Auction houses and art dealers may provide brief condition reports for items they are offering for sale, but these are not likely to contain the depth of nuance you require. Our detailed and objective assessment of existing or potential condition problems will help you make an informed decision regarding investment in an artwork or collection.

paper conservator condition survey and conservation treatment program
Public or private, your collection may benefit from a preservation or conservation treatment program. Beginning with a condition survey, these programs help you prioritize needs and budget funds for the ongoing protection and well-being of your collection. A condition survey is an integral part of an institution's collection plan. It will help you work within an existing budget or obtain needed conservation funding. Andrea Pitsch can assess the current condition of your collection, prioritize objects according to need and provide short- and long-term recommendations for treatment or appropriate and practical archival storage and exhibition.

Paper conservation lectures and seminars
If your business or professional organization is interested in topics relating to paper conservation, condition or other conservation issues, we can provide lectures and seminars tailored to your specific area of need and interest. We also conduct workshops on safe handling, exhibition and storage of works on paper.

Paper conservator insurance report
Some damages due to accidents may be initially defacing yet completely restorable. However, obtaining a favorable settlement from your insurance company often requires expert evaluation addressing potential residual weaknesses or irreparable structural or cosmetic damage to an object, collection or inventory. In the event of an accident, we help you handle insurance issues by providing condition and damage reports, as well as treatment proposals with cost estimates. When emergencies arise and time is of the essence, we can provide crisis management strategies that minimize damage and loss.

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