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Paper conservator object and art conservation
We employ traditional as well as state-of-the-art scientific conservation techniques to preserve and restore works on paper while maintaining their historic and artistic integrity. Our expertise covers a wide historical scope, from pre-Renaissance to Contemporary, as well as diverse paper types.

Among the many kinds of objects we treat:

Ink and pencil drawings
Pastels and charcoals
Oil and acrylic paintings on paper
Collages and 3-dimensional paper objects
Photogravures and collotypes
Archival documents and manuscripts
Architectural drawings and blueprints
Parchment and vellum

Our experience enables us to treat artworks either as individual objects or as elements in a collection or exhibition, thereby maintaining the collection's cohesive appearance and overall balance.

paper conservator consultation
Your needs are important. The typical consultation procedure begins with a technical examination of the object, followed by a discussion of the owner's needs and concerns. We will talk about any artistic issues that may affect treatment. Andrea will assess the condition problems with an eye to preventing future deterioration.

We then make detailed treatment recommendations and provide our clients with realistic cost estimates and completion schedules.

Paper conservation restoration and preservation
Andrea Pitsch Conservation provides a wide spectrum of treatment strategies:

Basic conservation to stabilize deterioration or damage to an object. This may include removal of surface grime, deacidification, repair of minor flaws or weaknesses and reversal of previous harmful treatment.
More involved structural restoration, stain removal and loss compensation.
Preservation such as proper housing, hinging and matting to deter future damage or deterioration.

Additionally, we can make recommendations for museum-quality matting and framing or archival storage to protect and preserve the object.

While museum-quality conservation treatment can be a time-consuming process, Andrea Pitsch Conservation has the staff, resources, and flexibility to expedite projects when objects are urgently needed for photography, exhibition or sale.

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